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@SenSanders You’ve Lost My Vote#Sandra BlandBland

July 28, 2015

I gave you a chance. In truth, you were my first choice for a minute. Despite the fact that your “solutions: for the problems America is facing are really just wishes. OK, at best they are bullet points, but bullet points are not enough. Detail is a thing adult humans need in their future plans, especially when it comes to national level decisions.

But even the lack of detail wasn’t enough to turn me away from the possibility of voting for you entirely. I was willing to give you an opportunity to add more detail over time because you seemed to be invested in improving things for Americans who need help..

So what finally pushed me over the edge into the land of anyone-but-Bernie? You have proved yourself to be nothing more than another White Progressive™ who is more interested in the sound of your own voice than the voice of the people you pretend to want to serve.

Yeah, my people are dying in the streets. I don’t have time to sugar coat this for you.

I shouldn't have to keep explaining this.

I shouldn’t have to keep explaining this.

Don’t say things like “I’m not dismissive of #Black Lives Matter,” because you have been and you are still. The way that you know that you are is that we, the activists on the front lines and the people you are trying to convince to vote for you are fucking telling you that you are.

That means that you are failing to convey whatever message you are trying to get across to the Black community and are, instead, coming across as dismissive.

That’s a failure on your part. Fix it.

When we say words and you directly contradict those words while only negligibly changing your message and your behavior, you’re simply making it clear that you’re another pompous White Progressive™ who isn’t able to listen to Black people.

Guess what? We’re not going to vote for yet another White Progressive who wants to talk and not listen. We’ve had that for most of our lives in various forms and in various positions and we’re still dying in the streets.

Stop with the insistence in linking economic inequality with racism as if the problem is money and not the fact that the nation you want to run was founded on the idea that we are not human beings.

Stop with the conceit that giving Black folx jobs will magically cure or overcome or impact racism in any way.

The president has what is arguably the prestigious job in the country, you should be aware of that if you want to take that job on.

He gets called nigger every day.

Sandra Bland was on her way to becoming a professor.

She is dead.

I could make you a list of people who were employed and were murdered by the authorities in this nation you want to lead but frankly you’ve got enough in your campaign war chest that you should be able to pay someone to do it for you.

Economic inequality in the Black community comes as a direct result of racism and improving the economy doesn’t make a difference. So the rising tide that you imagine will raise all boats will only impact only those boats that carry white people.

The rest of us will drowning and still Black.

But all is not entirely lost. You still have an opportunity to fix the massive failures you’ve been repeating thus far.

Acknowledge the cancer at the center of our nation and then come up with some ideas on how to fix it that don’t involve ideas which have already been proven not to have an impact, fiction or, you know, magic or something.

It’s not enough to have one of your staff write a tweet that mangles a hashtag.

It’s not enough to fold this issue into your stump speech as if it isn’t nuanced and complex.

It’s not enough to talk. You need to learn to listen.

In short Senator, get your shit together.

Do better.

Be better.

Earn this vote or lose. You can’t reach the White House without us and we are more than willing to go forward without you.

The Return of the Boom BlackFace

July 20, 2015

1. If you don’t get the reference in the title go listen to the album it is referencing right now. You will not be sorry.

2. If you haven’t checked out the RachelsMixTape hastag on Twitter, go do it right now because it’s pure comedy gold.

Back? Good, here’s hoping that inoculated you against the bullshit this woman is spewing, She did a Vanity Fair interview, because sure, why wouldn’t they give her more mainstream attention? She’s still claiming that she’s black and denying that she every wore blackface. Because of course she is.

And she’s writing a book. Hey remember when I wrote this “she is going to keep benefiting from her lies. She’s going to write a book and become a white “expert” on Blackness.”


This is like a goddamn horror movie. She just keeps going like a blackface zombie.

OK yes this picture is from The Walking Dead but you get the idea.

OK yes this picture is from The Walking Dead but you get the idea.

And we are nowhere close to done. Go back and read the linked sentence again. Writing the book is just step one.

Dolezal is still unapologetically identifying as a black woman, still sure that any confusion about her singular story can be explained, still sure she’ll be back in the movement as soon as people stop misunderstanding her.

She also claims that she never wore a costume. She makes this claim while still wearing the fucking costume. because she’s a horrible person and an unrepentant racist. It is the function of every person of integrity, and everyone who cares about equality and, you know, basic truth, to say that and type it whenever her name comes up and then ignore her and everything about her.

Where Is Our Freedom?

July 4, 2015

Days like this highlight the trauma of Blackness in the United States.

Jefferson both wrote the Declaration and raped his slave, Sally Hemmings, fathering several children.

Jefferson both wrote the Declaration and raped his slave, Sally Hemmings, fathering several children.

Eight Black churches have burned in the last week.

The Confederate Flag still flies over the South Carolina state house.

Bree Newsome has spent more time in jail for climbing the flag pole there and taking that symbol of racism and hate down than the people who killed Eric Garner, Tony Robinson, Rekia Boyd, and Mike Brown combined.

There are larger percentage of Black people in bondage today than there were during legal chattel slavery.

And this week the rest of the world finally figured out what Black Americans knew from the beginning, that Dylann Roof was part of a conspiracy.

HE said that he wanted to start a “race war,” and I’ve talked previously about the fact that starting a thing that has been going on since the inception of our nation is not possible. But I want to point out something else in the midst of the praise that the ignorant have been heaping on the Black community of Charleston for hugging and crying and forgiving rather than stepping out into the streets.

Roof wasn’t trying to incite Black people to respond with violence. He was trying to be the started gun for a further wave of white violence against Black people.

And it worked.

But yay America! Let’s cook out and celebrate with loud bangs.

We are being hunted in our own country.

And before anyone wraps themselves in the flag and starts whining about how I’m mean and not patriotic, let me remind you I’m a veteran and you should shut up.

How many people died

I served this country yet I still realize that it does not love me and it never has. Lots of people have spent a not small amount of time and effort to convince us that we are loved and valued by American society and that we should be grateful for what we have, but they are lying and we know it.

Also, that is gaslighting.

It is clear to us, because we have eyes and ears and live in the world, that out safety and our suffering matters less to White America™ than their desire to maintain the fiction that they are the descendants of freedom fighters. As such, we are told that we shouldn’t talk about not only the historical damage that was done to our culture, but the constant ongoing damage that is done to us as individuals simply because being Black in America is to live in a constant state of trauma that is ignored and dismissed.

But fireworks are pretty, I guess.



Break Time’s Over

June 29, 2015

So Pride was nice. It was fun. It was jubilant. OK, not all of it. A~ wrote about the extremely unpleasant family who sat in front of us and tried to own space like she and I don’t do that for a living.

So that didn’t work out so well for them.

I got to hold a rainbow bordered BLACK LIVES MATTER sign that some people had an extra of. A~ went to get it for me and then I claimed and held it because one of the very few privileges of Blackness is that I get to carry the BLM signs. Lots of people responded extremely well including Senator Franken whose hand I have been trying to shake for two years. I got to shake it this time. So that was nice. We had fun, got candy, met some nice people on the route like we do every year.

And then we came home, because I don’t eat street food and I don’t love huge crowds of strangers. So we didn’t go to the park and we didn’t see the #BlackLivesMatter protesters who stood up and spoke out for both the lives of People of Color today and the People of Color who risked their lives in the past so that all Gender and Sexual Minorities can live out and proud.

I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it because my reaction what happened after they got up to speak would have probably led to some sort of bail requirement and we don’t have that kind of money.

Black Lives Pride

WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK? This isn’t the only thing. There were a number of people on the #TCPride feed whose primary reaction seemed to be “why can’t we just have fun and celebrate?” Sadly I didn’t get screen shots of those people and their tweets. If I had I would post them because they should be shamed and if they aren’t I am more than willing to help them along.

Because fuck their entitlement, that’s why. Because we exist and if part of them having fun requires us to stand silent then, no fun for them. Because PoC started this whole fucking movement. Because we exist. Because we have value. Because we are dying at a prodigious rate and that is not something that anyone should ever ignore. Because we are part of this fucking community. Because we did a hell of a lot of work to get this community as far as it has gotten and you’re damn right we expect you to do the same for us. Because anyone who doesn’t have the basic human compassion to both feel joy and concenr about someone else’s pain simultaneously shouldn’t be allowed to interact with other humans unsupervised and certainly isn’t on my team.

Because even under all those rainbows and glitter and tears and joy, I’m still in danger every day not only because I am a woman in a relationship with another woman but because of my skin. All day, every day, even during Pride.

So here’s the thing, I’m happy that you’re happy. I’m happy too. We’re all happy. And now that the rainbows and glitter have been cleaned up from the streets, we still have a ton of work to do until the GSM community and the Black community come anywhere close to real, full equality.

I’m glad you had fun at Pride. That is good. That is part of what Pride is for. But here, at least, Pride is over now and so is your break.

Let’s get back to work.

Mainstream Pride

June 29, 2015

Originally posted on Rose Colored Ramblings:

My first Pride was a cathartic experience.

Two years ago I had moved from the overt ignorance and bigotry from the south, to the soothing balm Minnesota Nice. There is still ignorance and racism here, but it’s a different brand. And I when I tried to explain the discrimination I faced as a GSM (Gender Sexual Minority) the Nice Minnesotans started with confusion, and then would say something along the lines of “people shouldn’t be like that”.

It had been a long journey for me, from deeply closeted, to carefully testing the real world and finally becoming Out Loud. Vocal, visible, and refusing to be closeted by the use of the word “friend” in regards to my girlfriend. Especially after I just called her that.

My girlfriend T and I had just dragged our cat and belongings across the country for a fresh start, and we had moved in with…

View original 1,458 more words


June 25, 2015

Nope to this

Made of nope

Made of nope

Confederate lives are not a thing. Confederates are people who rose in traitorous insurrection against their country and were soundly defeated. All Confederates are dead because that’s how time and aging work. Unless your name is Bill and you live in Bon Temps and you have a serious sun allergy, you are not a Confederate.

You’re just some white person deifying a false narrative which glorifies traitors. Not impressive.

Nope to Hilary Clinton invoking All Lives Matter mere miles from Ferguson.

We already know white lives matter. That is the point we are making.

She’s running the same campaign she ran in ’08 and it is still not impressive.

Burn that phrase down

Burn that phrase down

Nope to all of it. Nope to bullshit for the rest of the weekend. I’m taking some self care days. Sunday is pride and I am going to celebrate with my girlfriend.

The Comments

June 24, 2015

Ah my friends and oh my foes the fucking comments.

I’ve gotten a lot of them.

You’ve seen very few.


Because I control the comment section. That’s what moderated comments means. And I know, I know, never read the comments. But it’s my blog so I kind of don’t have a choice.

So yeah, I got a few of the standard death and rape threats.

This can’t be a surprise. I’m a woman on the internet. I get at least one each, every week. So that was nothing new.

I also got a remarkably large number of self-identified White Feminists™ who decided to go the Patricia Arquette route and tell me all about how I, as a Black woman, don’t really understand how good they are to us and how grateful we should be to them.

Hey, guess, what, I really do understand, I am not grateful and you still need to get your shit together.

A~ already gave you the overview of how to weaponize your privilege on behalf of the marginalized, which was the most common Twitter question. You should go read that. It’s pretty brilliant.

She is exactly this scarey when roused.

She is exactly this scarey when roused.

But I want to talk to about how she goes about this. Because that isn’t just brilliant, it’s a work of art. It award worthy. She literally presses a hand to her bosom, lets her eyes get wet so she can blink back her fake tears and even manages to sound convincing when she stutters over her canned, pre-packaged sentence.

“I-I think…I really think we should listen to [insert marginalized person whose voice has been ignored.]” And then she does it again. And she does it again. She wedges herself into conversations and wriggles just enough to form a space for marginalized people. It is a delight.

It’s also exactly the kind of weaponized privilege that is expected of all of you.



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