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Weekend Round-up

October 8, 2012

Over the weekend I learned some interesting things. And since others of you might, perhaps have lives and not have time to dig through the Mines of Meme to get to the nuggets of information. I offer this.

Did you know that The Learning Channel was founded by NASA?

So yeah, privatization? Not so much.

Then there was this guy.

He claims to be pro-life which becomes funny when you follow the link because his whole premise is that parents should be able to subject their rebellious children to the death penalty.

I’ll pause here to let you process that because it’s totally insane.

he doesn’t think it would affect a lot of kids, you know, because parents would totally not use it all that often and even if they did it would be a deterrent to other kids.

OK, let’s look at this. The death penalty isn’t a deterrent to the portion of Americans who have the ability to take responsibility for their behavior. So it’s probably not going to be overly effective on kids.Also, if the law isn’t going to be used then maybe you shouldn’t enact it Mr. Small Government!

)h and Florida has a measure on the ballot that is totally unconstitutional. How unsurprising,

The Washington GOP proves the there is at least one sane Republican in the whole nation.

It’s also possible that the “businesses are people. Regulation is bad,” right wing of the Supreme Court is going to make it illegal for you to sell your old electronics.

Just some things you might want to think about.


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