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Y’all Need to STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

October 9, 2012

Dear Lefty Leaning America,

Hey there. You know me. We’re friends. I’m one of you. I say this out of love and a desire to not hand talking points over to the other side.

Stop with this shit.

You’re embarrassing me and every other member of the Left who is not a massive hypocrite.

Remember the whole drama with the president and his religion? Not just the fact that a certain number of people still think he’s a Muslim, but that those people think his religion means he is unqualified to be president? Remember all that?

Remember how it is maddening and evidence of the stupidity of those people?

Go scroll up and look at those pictures again. There is no significant difference between those pictures and the fear I just described.

The religion of the candidate does not signify! Article VI, paragraph 3, of the Constitution states

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

So what would be great is if this behavior stopped today.

It’s stupid, it’s childish, and it needs to be over.

We’ve got actual issues to deal with.





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  1. October 10, 2012 7:49 AM

    Well said. I haven’t seen this particular meme, but I agree, it’s ugly. If we’re going to be accepting of people who believe that chanting “Hail to the Lotus Sutra” will grant all their wishes, and people who pretend to eat human flesh and drink blood for God’s sake ;), we need to focus on the actual policies we disagree with and not make fun of others’ religions. Debate, yes; deride, no.

  2. October 11, 2012 4:24 AM

    Enjoyed reading this and today’s post. It is horrible to mock people’s religion in the name of politics. I am not Mormon but respect their beliefs as I do all others. I have been cringing as someone was saying anti mormon things in front of me, and I had to stop them. I told them it is wrong as it is to mock the other candidate for his beliefs. Makes me sad. Can’t wait for this to be over. I also HATE the N word. There is no place for it in society. I understand the reason why people of color can use it, but I still think it is so horrible that it shouldn’t be used. It is cringe worthy to me. I hear it and it saddens me. This is not a form of endearment or a greeting, it is a hateful word. I have heard Oprah mention this, and I agree. Glad I found your blog. It is great!

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