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The Problem With the Debate

October 18, 2012

It wasn’t the moderator, no matter what certain people might want to assert.

It wasn’t the questions.

It wasn’t the format or anything else.

Let me show you what it was.



Can you see it?


I’ll help you. Come along with me while we play Find the Black Folks.

There are two.

Let’s play a second round. We’ll call it, The Price is Obvious. In order to play you’ve got to guess the socioeconomic level of the members of the crowd at New York State’s largest private college?

And now for our lightening round.

The rules should be self-evident.

To sum up, the problem is the fact that this debate crowd was made up of exclusively undecided voters. The president is drubbing Mitt Romney with women, Latinos, and black folks, among others. A huge number of people are informed. We’ve been studying the issues for two years! We’re not basing our vote on Big Bird or binders full of anything other than policy positions. Limiting the town hall audience to exclusively undecided voters panders to a very specific, largely white, apparently middle class, grossly uninformed miniscule section of the electorate while those of us who care enough about what the hell is happening in our country are prevented from engaging with the candidates directly.

that is a laughably stupid way of conduction anything, let alone an election.


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  1. October 18, 2012 6:56 PM

    I do love honesty.. 😉

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