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Republican Racism Again

October 25, 2012

It is pervasive and they are pretty much unapologetic about it. Oh they’ll claim they were misunderstood or that they are being victimized when they are held accountable for their actions but that doesn’t stop the obvious racism from happening.

As an aside, normally, I try to make a verbal distinction between Republicans and the Far Right. I know, because I am friends with some of them, that there are rational, compassionate, logical, fact based Republicans in America. But this is coming out of official Republican mouth pieces.

According to an official Romney spokesperson as well as a not small portion of the conservative blogsphere, Colin Powell’s endorsement of the president for a second term is based on race. This ties into another popular, math challenged assertion that President Obama won a massive portion of the black vote because he is part black.

Now I could go into a huge deal about why that statements is wrong but I won’t. I will only say two things.

1. By that logic, such as it is, one of two things is happening. Either the endorsements of Romney by white Americans comes as a result of race or, black people and only black people, in the United States vote via color coding.

And seriously, that should be the only thing that is said about it. That’s racist. The end. There is no discussion about it, no qualifiers or excuses. That statement is racist. There needs to be an apology and most of all, the Republicans need to change or they will die.

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