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October 26, 2012

Who read Ayn Rand as a kid?

/raises hand

I did. I still go back and read Anthem every so often. Don’t judge me. It’s a nostalgia thing. Given that I am me, as a kid when I found an author that I liked I read every word they ever wrote. So, I’ve read everything by Ayn Rand including her “non-fiction.”

I also read the entire Dune series as a kid as well as Anne of Green Gables and all subsequent additions to the mythos.

As a result I examined my own political and social views.

Guess what? My views matured as I did. They weren’t overly influenced by Atlas Shrugged because it’s a crappy book that I still maintain would have benefited strongly from a particularly judicious editor. But even aside from that. I grew up.

My views on politics and society are not based on a crappy book of fiction, or even several crappy books of fiction that I read at thirteen!

Why do we take these people seriously? The cult of a clinically insane woman who couldn’t even adhere to her own doctrine, who lauded the refusal to compromise, up to and including violence is the basis for a hell of a lot of the Republican Party’s platform.

This. Is. Fucking. Crazy. I mean that in the clinical sense. The lack of critical thinking, long term planning and repetition of failed policy is, by definition, not sane.

Who votes for these people.

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  1. November 4, 2012 5:50 PM

    **raising my hand**
    Here’s my Atlas Shrugged post.

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