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Dear Casey Pick and The Log Cabin Republicans.

October 27, 2012

Or Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics!

I think I’ll just focus on the lying part.

So this blog is popular right now on BlogHer.  Go read it. I’ll wait here.

Back? Super! Let’s talk.

Ms. Pick, I have some things to say. Strap in.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been called a “Jew for Hitler” since the announcement, and certain “gay rights activists” have gone so far as to threaten physical violence if a Log Cabin Republican dares to show his or her face at a gay bar this weekend. We’ve even heard rumors of a bounty.

(For the record, I think the Jew for Hitler thing also offensive. Personally, unless we are talking about actual fascists, someone wearing a swastika or history, I think all references to Hitler and Nazis should be eliminated from American political discourse.)

In a link heavy blog, I notice there’s no link to the first assertion and the second is admittedly a rumor. Could you provide some documentation? I mean, a credible threat is something that you should have noted and shared with the authorities or at least your fundraising list so you can gain some sympathy cash, right? No? But these two assertions are used to justify the most offensive sentence in the piece.

 As too often happens, the bullied have become bullies themselves.

Um, no. Just no. Absolutely no. You Ms. Pick and your organization, The Log Cabin Republicans are not the victims here. The LCR are reaping the absolutely predictable and understandable consequences of their endorsement of a candidate who has regularly promised to do active harm to the LGBTQ community. In other words, people are acting as if LCR betrayed their community because LCR did, in fact, betray their community! And now LCR is upset about that reaction.

I notice, you’re standing by your endorsement. It’s the reaction to that endorsement which you see as the problem.

Let me explain something to you very clearly.

Being refused housing, employment, or basic civil treatment is bullying.

Being kept from your dying spouse is bullying.

Being verbally and mentally tortured by your peers and by the authority figures who are supposed to defend you is bullying.

Threats of punitive rape? Bullying.

Being held down and having your hair cut because you are suspected of being gay? Bullying.

A community reacting with feelings of betrayal because you actually betrayed them? NOT FUCKING BULLYING!

How dare you compare the two? How dare you trivialize and demean the the struggle that members of the LGBTQ community go through every day?

While I’m asking questions; how dare you tell the community that we have wait for our equality while you worry about more important things? Anyone who does not think they can serve both the economic and social needs of the nation at the same time should NEVER, EVER be president. If you can’t think about more than one thing at a time, I don’t want you anywhere near my government!

(If I roll my eyes any harder they are going to fly right out of my head.)

This is a thing that Republicans do and it’s something we should examine. Because it really needs to stop. More importantly, rational humans should stop buying into it and should start calling it out whenever it happens.

When Sarah Palin said a list of incorrect or moronic things too long to enumerate in one little(ish) blog post, during the last election  the media pointed out her failures, Because, you know, it was pretty low hanging fruit. In response, she complained that the media was attacking her. She did not change what she was saying even when it had been proved factually incorrect. She just played the victim and kept right on saying the wrong things.

Akin and his “legitimate rape” bunch? Claiming that they are being attacked by the people who are reacting with outrage to their comments, yet not changing their outrageous comments.

Mitt Romney? Lying over and over again about his past actions and statements and calling the most basic of fact checks attacks.

This is the new standard on the Right; lie, say or do something offensive, do something unfathomably stupid and then blame the people who point out the problems in your behavior.

Guess what Ms. Pick. We are not falling for it.

So let’s look at some other lies in the piece.

Ms. Pick, you claim that Governor Romney will not repeal DADT.

I’m not sure how you can make that claim given the vacillating positions that Romney has taken over the course of the campaign.

Mitt Romney spoke out against repealing DADT and has made it clear that he is so callow that when pressured, he will cave to the social right of his party.

Ms. Pick, you further claim that hospital visitation is not in danger. That statement is an outright lie.

Mitt Romney has stated repeatedly that he will repeal Obamacare on day one of his presidency and the very few aspects of the law that he has stated he will maintain do not include hospital visitation for same gender couples. As recently and 20 October 2012 his campaign has made overt threats against hospital visitation rights.

Mitt Romney will do active harm to the LGBTQ community. This is clear and the LCR’s only response to that is

No matter who is in the White House, it is crucial that our community always has a credible voice speaking out on behalf of LGBTQ Americans. Log Cabin Republicans will be that voice to President Mitt Romney.

No honey, you won’t because he won’t listen to you. He’s happy for your endorsement but that endorsement is not going to drown out the tidal wave of hate and fear coming from the vast majority of your party who hates you.

Further, you are no longer a credible voice for the LGBTQ community, assuming that you ever were in the first place.

You and your organization are wrong, Ms. Pick. You are wrong about the facts, you are wrong about the candidate’s statements, you are wrong about the definition of bullying and you were wrong in your endorsement.

Now is the time when you need to take responsibility for those errors which are destroy what little credibility you and your group have left. You might want to start with the words “I’m sorry,” and you should probably end there too because anything else you say that veers off of that particular sentence will just piss people off again.

And that will be your fault too.

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