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Some Things Make Me Tilt My Head…

November 4, 2012

…like a dog trying to figure out how to get at a treat.

There are certain things that are, so glaringly self–evident to me at least, that I find them hard to articulate. The fundamental question of this website is one of them.

Who needs Feminism? I don’t understand the question. No really. This witch is confused.

Who needs Feminism? Everyone in the whole world. Duh. Because, you know, equality, yay! Right? I mean, there can’t actually be people who think otherwise. Except, sadly for dear naive me, there are totally people who think otherwise.

The Republican Party springs to mind. There used to be Republican feminists but they have long since died off, gone silent, or left the party.That is clearly the case because at the moment the party of redefining rape, defunding Planned Parenthood, and ending abortion rights in all cases would cause a feminist’s head to explode.

And then there is the “Men’s Rights Movement.” I’m not going to call them activists because they don’t appear to actually do much other than complain.

Anti-Feminism. Feminist backlash. Um…wha?

I mean, let’s not pretend that there aren’t issues within Feminism. There are. The sense of entitlement among certain feminists, the idea that the “right” to work outside of the home was a victory for everyone, when in reality, certain groups of women never had a choice about working. They had to because otherwise there would have been no income for the family. And don’t get me started on the general assumption that the accusation of rape equates to a conviction thereof and the constant, relentless assertion that most accusations of rape are true in the face of all actual evidence and logic to the contrary.

So yeah, there are problems with the Feminist Movement.

But the response from both Republicans and the Men’s Rights Movement seems to be “this movement has some small failings. LET”S SCRAP THE WHOLE THING!” and no. Let’s not. That’s a stupid response. Let us instead take a look at this huge, long term movement which has understandable issues but maintains its goal of equality for all humans and improve it. That’s the smart, responsible thing to do.

Who needs Feminism? You do.


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  1. November 4, 2012 4:32 PM

    Found you through BlogHer … A very conservative woman was railing that she was offended because all the liberals wanted to talk about was her vagina. She was a REAL woman concerned about REAL problems facing our country, the economic issues, for example. I wasn’t going to tell her that reproductive freedom is an economic issue, so I just agreed with her and mentioned the Lily Ledbetter Act — you know, equal pay for equal work. “Ha!” she snorted at me. “That’s not an economic issue!” I looked at her in bewilderment. “What kind of issue is it then?” “It’s a whiner’s entitlement issue, some woman complaining that she’s not making exactly as much as a man.”

    Ummmmmm… okay… My head tilted so far that I needed an industrial crane to lift it back onto my neck.


    • November 4, 2012 4:53 PM

      That’s a common conservative refrain around here in the red part of Florida. Ryan was in my hometown last week, about a block from my place of employment. A LOT of the women in the area were planning on going and were talking about the War on Women. They seem to have bought into the common Conservative meme that addressing an issue or pointing out a falsehood is somehow wrong. I talked a bit about this before in my post Things of Which I am Tired: A Rant. What I find most amusing about these specific women is that they were sooooooo offended by the middle and left speaking for them on the issue of what women care about. “Those people do not speak for me!’ OK, that’s a valid complaint. Women are not a monolithic hive mind. As a mixed race, bisexual, poor woman my concerns are somewhat different than say for instance Ann Romney’s. Yet their invariable response to the assertion that reproductive freedom, equal pay, marriage equality, and the definition of rape are issues women care about is to pivot as far away from those issues as possible as fast as possible and try to convince anyone within earshot that what women as a monolithic group really care about is the economy and gas prices.

      OK…logical inconsistency, you’re soaking in it.

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