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And Now For Some Post Election Whining And Blame

November 7, 2012

Oh this is fun. So, yes I’ve been enjoying my post election, my candidate won high and that’s been fun. A lot of fun, especially after watching the results through the early part of the night and freaking right out for about two hours.

YES WE CAN! Yes, we did! Again!

And in response there has been the usual round of bullshit.

1. “Anyone who disagrees with my side is stupid!” From both the Right and the Left.

Now, it is a fact that people in areas that are reliably blue tend to be better educated. But from a rhetorical point of view, the retreat to some variation of “you’re stupid,” is a pure logical fallacy. You’ve already lost.

2. Black people only voted for Obama because he’s black! From the Right.

Yeah, because before Obama the black vote was totally breaking for Republicans. Or wait, no, sorry, I had a moment of total insanity. Sorry, didn’t get much sleep. In fact, the Republican Party pretty much rejected black people as a voting block by instigating the Southern Strategy. And now it seems that they are remarkably upset that it, you know, worked and stuff.

3. Pre election certainty that God’s will would lead to a Romney victory gives way to post-election certainty wailing and gnashing of teeth that The Devil has won.

I have to admit that this one is my favorite, because anyone who says this is pretty much screaming “LA-LA-LA-LA! I can’t hear you,” in the face of rationality or logical consistency. I just like to point out to them that if they honestly believe that their God cares about and can control national elections then they need to at least entertain the idea that The Devil lost, God won and God wants Barack Obama to be president. Then I watch them sputter and turn colors.

I am not nice. I believe I have mentioned this previously.

4. The reason we lost is because our candidate was not conservative enough! We need to go farther right!

What? Really? OMG, you’re serious aren’t you?

You know what, as a liberal, I think you should totally go farther to the right in picking your next candidate! Double down on your tea bagging right wingery!

Good start.

As someone who loves this country, you really should not do that. Because you’ll lose, a lot. Instead what you should do is examine the actual reasons that you lost and then change!

An election is not the end of the work. It’s the beginning of the work. We’ve got a hell of a long road ahead of us and we need to fix the problems facing our nation.

So take today…OK maybe tomorrow too, maybe the rest of the week and gloat. Then we need to get back to work.

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  1. November 7, 2012 10:00 PM

    OMFG. That video was scary. I almost didn’t click on it. And I almost wish I hadn’t.

    At least I got one good night’s sleep.

    As an aside, one of my favorite humor columnists wrote a piece after the first election of GWBush noting that if one overlaid a map showing locations of libraries in the US on top of the electoral map from the election … you guessed it: Blue counties had FAR more libraries than red counties. Definite correlation, proving the ignorance, illiteracy, and general stupidity of a certain segment of the US population.

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