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Dear Everyone On The Left (Especially The Media),

November 15, 2012


I know, I know. We’ve lamented the loss of Republican sanity and many of us, including people who are me, have been begging them to stop screaming in denial and return to the fact based world. I get it. I do.

This post by Erick Erickson, owner/operator of the far right leaning blog/news aggregate site appears to be that return. That is, it appears that way until you actually fucking read it. Then, not so much. Once you’ve read the thing, and I expect that before you continued reading my little blog, you read that post, it’s clear that this is all about an attempt to change the image of Red State and the type of person connected to it, rather than to affect any real change in their wrongheaded ideas. It is, as people used to say when I lived in Texas, “all hat and no cattle,” or for those of us for whom cattle references will never make and goddamned sense, something akin to cleaning the windows on a building while it burns down around you.

Why? Because this. Notice the date? Two years ago. Two years ago he said

If you think 9/11 was an inside job or you really want to debate whether or not Barack Obama is an American citizen eligible to be President, RedState is not a place for you.

Birfers and Truthers are not welcome here. Period. End of Story.

He makes his true motives clear two sentences later.

The tea party movement is in danger of getting a bad reputation for allowing birfers and truthers to share the stage.

This is not a principled stance. It’s PR, a head fake toward rationality in an attempt to distance himself form an embarrassing meme in order to make some money.  It’s important to note that slightly more than a month after he posted his first “No Birthers Welcome Here” sign on the door of Red State Erickson got his shiny, shiny new job at CNN. That was tragic on multiple levels, not the least of which being that Erick Erickson is both spineless and morally bankrupt. This is about attention and money for him and that is all.

Guess what? The birthers stayed.How do I know that? He felt the need to write that pile of crap in the first link. Red State is still offering full throated support to anti-choice candidates. Red State, and Erickson himself are still insisting that the attack on us in Libya is somehow indicative of mistakes by us. They are still proclaiming the virtues of Paul Ryan and his math challenged budget. They are still insisting that 47% or the nation are worthless, lazy, moochers. They are still exactly what they used to be which is a cesspool of poor logic, racism, sexist and lies which deserves exactly zero praise.

What’s really going on is obvious. He predicted the election incorrectly, his candidate got rope-a-doped by a better candidate with better policy, and he is trying desperately to gain back some prestige. Shame on you Daily Kos, shame on you Rachel Maddow, shame on you three different liberal Facebook/Twitter feeds, and shame on you in general, liberal media for falling for this shit. It took me two minutes and two clicks to find that information. At least a couple of the places I mentioned are high level news and or social media outlets. What the hell people? Get it together.

This secession bullshit is scaring the hell out of him because even he sees that screaming about leaving the Union makes it harder to wrap yourself in the flag.

As liberals, or anyone else who understand logical and facts, we should call this callow bullshit out for what it is.

This man has spent his entire life bleating about the failures and “malpractice” of the “liberal media” and you’re proving his point! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

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