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@McCainBlogette Because Apparently I’m Old And No One Writes Letters Anymore

November 18, 2012

I’m writing to you today in no small part, because I think you’re probably the only sane human left in your party. Also, I know you’ll never read this. Sometimes obscurity is valuable.

I will admit that when you first came on the national scene in your own right I resented the hell out of the fact that people paid attention to what you wrote. But, if I’m honest, which I try to be, most of that is jealousy. Personally, if one of my parents were famous and that made people care at all about my tiny little corner of the internet I would be all over it. So I’ll shut up about that now.

You’ve proved that you can write in full sentences and have thoughts that contain logic, which puts you well ahead of all but a handful of the voices of your party. Moreover, I believe that you believe the things you write. Unlike the shiny, new giving a shit that some few leaders of the GOP have discovered in the wake of the recent electoral drubbing, you’ve spent four years telling your party that they cannot remain the party of “I hate you!” and expect to succeed. As a non-Caucasian, female, bisexual I appreciate that. I really do.

Here’s the thing, though. In reading your latest op-ed for The Daily Beast, while I applaud you for not falling into the fallacious reasoning that seems to be plaguing your fellows; that changing tone would be enough to convince women, non-Caucasians, and the LGBTQ community to vote Republican, you have overlooked a couple of things.

It’s not just social policy that is the problem. It wasn’t the demographics, Meghan. It was the policy overall. The two biggest problems that the GOP faces at the moment are math and history. Specifically, if you want to save your party you need to not only advocate for changes in social policy. You need to teach them basic primary school mathematics and explain to them that people see history, especially when they were there for a lot of it. We also see government in a historical context.

To put it simply, your statement

It’s possible to maintain the core values of this party and evolve when it comes to social issues.

is false. Why? Your core economic values suck too. The historical record is unquestionable on this issue, look, here’s a picture to make it clear.

Let me put it another way. Economic issues are social issues and vice versa. As such, the problem isn’t that the sum total of Republican campaign theory for the past four decades has been to foment white male resentment and target it at an ever broadening panoply of their fellow human beings. I mean yes, that’s a problem too but you recognized that on your own. The problem is that you have abandoned things like facts and rationality in favor of bumper sticker thinking that harms your fellow human beings and the country as a whole.

An individual’s ability to earn enough money to do silly things like eat food while simultaneously having a decent place to live is a social issue in that it informs everything from our peers to our physical, social and economic mobility to our lifespan. Further, gender, race, immigration status, sexual orientation, and the ability to have a union recognized as legally equal to other unions of the same type all inform our ability to eat food while simultaneously having a decent place to live, not to mention send our children to a good school and subsequently what kind of opportunities they will have. See how that works?

The basic principle of the Republican Party is “That government is best which governs least,” and that is bullshit. The government is best which governs best and its level of involvement changes based on any number of factors. That is reality and it is long past time that you and every other Republican embrace it.

The secondary principle of the Republican Party is “states rights,” that political theory was brought to a bloody end in 1865 and it needs to be put down like an extra on The Walking Dead. I mean it. It’s impossible to take any of you seriously when you spout that old chestnut. The fact is, the federal government is the primary unifying factor of this grand experiment called America and unless and until your party can stop demonizing it, not one of you is qualified to be in charge of it.

Lucky for you and Republicans in general, this is an easy thing to fix. All you have to do is start functioning in the fact based universe. I have mentioned previously that as a liberal. I really want you guys to get in the game. I meant that. I mean it still.

You might want to start by suggesting to your father that he sit down and STFU about Susan Rice because he has long overshot his standard curmudgeony Senator McCain yelling at reality to get off his lawn and has started to cause concern about his mental well being.That one is up to you.

But what you absolutely must do, if you want your party to become relevant again, which you are not now, is find a way to overcome the fundamentally penurious reflex of the GOP. You must tell them to stop advocating abandoning large swathes of the occupants of this nation to some fictionally generous or fair “free market,” or “private charity.” You must tell them to stop pretending that the only thing that is needed is for half of the country to get up off their lazy asses and pull themselves up by the bootstraps when half the country doesn’t own and could never possibly obtain a damn bootstrap. It is long past time for the GOP to not only reject its War on Women and African Americans and Latinos and Undocumented Immigrants and Unions and Teachers and Gays and Lesbians and Bisexuals and Transpersons and everyone else under that banner. It is also time for them to reject their War on Science and Math. Changing only one small part of failed Republican policy, is not enough. If that is all you do you will still lose and you will do so because you deserve to but we will all suffer in the process. .

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  1. missattitude permalink
    November 19, 2012 11:00 AM

    Right on. There isn’t anything you’ve written here that I don’t agree with. Also, I love that you’ve linked to information about Chris Mooney’s “The Republican War on Science”. I’m currently re-reading that excellent book as research to do some writing of my own on the subject.

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