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Dear GOP, Tokenism Is Not Respect

December 9, 2012

I love the Sunday shows. I watch all of them, yes all of them, which is why I tend to post so late on a Sunday.

Just so you know, this is not a post about the “fiscal cliff.” Neither is it a post about the debt ceiling, because frankly, that is the stupidest damn thing we ever set ourselves up for. Nope, none of that.

This is an observation.

The Republican Party hasn’t learned a goddamn thing from this election. Not one thing and I think I have figured out why. Aside from acting as if you’re are shocked, (SHOCKED, I tell you!) that the president is seeking exactly what he said he was going to seek in terms of fiscal negotiations, the Republicans on television this Sunday seem to be convinced that the only thing you have to do in order to win the next election is, throw a brown face or a vagina up on stage, soften but not alter your message, and things will be just fine.

Pro Tip: Not going to happen.

You seem so very excited at the idea of Tim Scott in the Senate because you appear to believe that he will send a message to People of Color that the GOP respects us. This is the same theory that induced you guys to put forward Michael Steele as Chairman or John Boehner to shoehorn Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., into the House Administrations Committee.

Here’s how Republican House committee chairmanships are supposed to work; a member of the committee is put forward to lead that committee and can do so for a period of time after which they are subject to a term limit and they move on in order to make room for someone else.

Remember your rules? The ones you made up all on your own and used to care about?

Here’s how they worked this time; Paul Ryan was supposed to have lost his chairmanship for the next session of Congress but you bypassed that rule and kept him on. Then you put forward a block of exclusively male chairmen because did not think at all about the obvious lack of interest in or concern for diversity.

Translation: White males matter. They rest of you? Not so much.

In response to the very natural and logical backlash against that stupid decision you offered Representative Miller the chairmanship of a committee on which she does not currently sit. According to the Republicans on television this morning her elevation means that there is no diversity problem in the GOP and everyone should be happy.

Translation: Fine, here’s one, now shut up.

So now instead of an entirely male, Caucasian leadership we have this.


Sorry guys. That’s nowhere near as impressive as you were hoping.

Now you are talking about “comprehensive immigration reform. You even offered a bill. Seriously guys, stop reading Ayn Rand. We need broad based immigration, not just very high end, technical jobs.

What makes you think this is going to work? Oh, I get it, you think everyone thinks like you.

It appears that you’ve decided to double down on the right wing nutcasery which is great for us as liberals and shitty for us as a nation.  You’re still blocking climate change information, you’ve put someone who clearly doesn’t understand science as the head of the Science Committee, you let people like Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann talk out loud in public, (do I really need to link something for these two?) Rand Paul is pretty much talking about taking his toys and going home on TV and you think this is going to lead you to victory because you don’t understand that  the people who disagree with you (that would be most people) aren’t going to be mollified by a legislative gift.

You’re still convinced that the president won reelection by giving “gifts” to the electorate, rather than by being a better candidate with a better message who ran a better campaign.

Many of you are still convinced that conservative economic principles are solid despite the overwhelming evidence that math does not work that way.

You’re still convinced that most people are simply one issue voters because that is who you target and the kind of people who respond to you. And because you suffer from what may be the worst case of collective self-confirmation bias the world has ever known, you’re still convinced that if you switch on one issue you’ll get a whole block of voters and sudden victory.

Throwing us one woman or one Person of Color or a shitty immigration bill that does not offer a path to equality, is not diversity. It does not make up for the continued, systematic degradation of women and immigrants and PoC. It does not make up for decades of vitriol and discrimination.

You can’t just appear to change.  You have to actually change. We’re not stupid. We can tell the difference.

As I’ve said before guys, we need you to get in the game. We’re trying to fix a country here.




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  1. December 9, 2012 7:23 PM

    And, of course, the one charimanship that they did offer to Representative Miller is a committee that oversees housekeeping matters in the House. Not literal housekeeping, of course, but still…didn’t the GOP see that this might be seen as a little, oh, patronizing?

    • December 9, 2012 7:28 PM

      And the cafeteria. So, you know, cooking and cleaning. Do they know it is patronizing? Probably. Do they care at all? Clearly not.

  2. December 9, 2012 8:01 PM

    I told this story on Rav recently, but the libertarian I dated before my husband posted on facebook (with 100% seriousness) the day Palin was chosen as the VP candidate: “now all you women who voted for Hilary in the primary can vote for McCain/Palin!” *headdesk* NOT HOW IT WORKS.

    I’m torn. On the one hand, I think if the GOP wakes up and gets a damn clue, it could actually prove beneficial to the country and make things between the two parties more…I don’t want to say competitive, as that’s not really the right term, but if both parties were considered more “viable”, I think they’d have to work harder to do what’s right. On the other hand, I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t enjoy watching them just dig themselves in deeper and deeper….

    • December 9, 2012 8:20 PM

      They did the same thing with Michael Steel and they’re doing it now with this Tim Scott guy from South Carolina. It’s like the concept of actually respecting people is just beyond them.

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