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It’s 4:48AM And Here I Am Blogging

December 22, 2012

Why? Because tonight is Yule and that’s what I do.

What is what you do, Witch? It’s 4:48 AM. Make some sense!

Right, OK sorry. Because tonight is Yule and writing is what I do.

Thank you, very tired crazy woman.

You’re welcome, imaginary reader.

Did I mention that I’ve been awake since sunrise yesterday? And I’ll be awake until at least sunrise this morning, if not longer? Welcome to unfettered steam-of-consciousness. This should be fun for someone.

So, Yule? It’s the longest night of the year. In honor of my very Nordic ancestors I stay up all day, sort of carrying the memory of the light through the entire night until sunrise. Thus far the sun has always risen. So that’s good. If that ever doesn’t happen I’m assuming that Ragnarok has begun and you won’t be hearing from me because at that point I’ll probably be busy.

Normally I light a candle and let it burn all night but I didn’t get a chance to buy one this year because Miss Harleen Quinzel had a vet appointment. She’s doing well. It was just boosters and things.

I was a little freaked out that I forgot my candle. I always get a candle. Those of you who know me can imagine my frantic search for a candle because without it how was I going to make light? OK yes, light switch, but I’m a Pagan. We do things old school.

Then my brain, which is sometimes smarter when I’m not paying attention to it, said “What do you think “carrying the light with you means?” So that’s what I’ve been thinking about. What does it mean?

For me, it means telling the truth. The truth is a light and the light must shine. (RIP Leverage.) I do that by writing. I spent a lot of time trying to find The Great American Novel within me. Failing that I was willing to find The American Novel That Paid My Bills until I realized something very important. I suck at fiction. I suck at it a lot. So that put a damper on that ambition.

But highly researched, well argued, passionate non-fiction? That I think I might be getting better at. So that is what I do. Now, I haven’t actually managed to get someone to pay me for this yet, but I’m working on it. In the mean time, I continue to shine the light.

It also means performing acts of kindness. I kind of hate that people have taken up the 26 for 26; doing Random Acts of Kindness in the names of those who died in Newtown. Not that the acts of kindness are, themselves bad. It’s just, that’s how you’re supposed to act all the time.  Also, doing these acts of kindness is, well it’s kind but isn’t activism. Activism is making phone calls and educating yourself and others and getting involved in the politics of change.

If I might make a suggestion on how to go about this in a small, totally free way; take a moment to speak to the manager of any store or restaurant where you got good service. They never hear compliments from customers barring the sort of “give us feedback and we’ll give you free stuff,” surveys that don’t count as RAKs. If your motivation is personal gain, you’re not engaging in a RAK. You’re engaging in a transaction. Those aren’t the same thing. Especially during the holidays when the thing they are most likely to hear is someone complaining about them or their staff “ruining Christmas,” they could use some love.

Here’s another bit of light I’d like to shine in a less RAK more WTF kind of way.

Why is most of the media blaming Gawker for announcing to the world that NBC journalist Richard Engel was kidnapped in Syria when The Atlanticwire broke the story well before Gawker? Yes they eventually took it down, but this is the internet we’re talking about here.  Cached pages still exist. Or, here’s another website that copied the story directly from The Atlanticwire complete with by line. Yet when pointing out the media outlets that ignored the blackout, The Atlantic is consistently left off the list. I mean, I know cronyism exists but wow this is freaking blatant.

It’s a question of integrity. If they could display some that would be great for me.






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