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Before And After, Last and First

January 1, 2013

I’m writing this on the last day of 2012 to be posted on the first day of 2013. thus the title. That’s what we do, right? We look back into the past year and forward to the new. OK then, let’s do it. And yes, I know that I should maybe be doing this closer to the ball drop time but I plan to be drinking later and none of us want me typing after that, I promise. Also, I don’t resolve. Given my particular obsessive compulsive tendencies, resolutions are really just self-built triggers that I pull on myself throughout the year. Skipping that shit? You bet!

Best Personal Moment of 2012: Tie

Standing up to one of the Bay County Commissioners in regards to his racist remarks.

And living one whole year narcissist free!

Personal Accomplishment:

Blogging every day and having people seem to care about the words that I type.

Moment Of Squee:

This walked into our house and demanded chin scrathings and attention.

Harely Sleep

Best Political Moment of 2012:

We won! That was nice.

Best  Moment of Political Schadenfreude: 


Political Hidden Gem:

Shelly Dankert’s election night descent into rage. No really I kind of love this woman. Why? Karl Rove is just a professional liar. This woman is committed and she cares about our country. I know that she’s somewhat shaky on her grasp of basic facts and she’s clearly got some hate for the president but honestly, if the election had been called differently I would probably not been acting in a significantly different fashion, except my drink of choice is rum. Further, for all her vitriolic ranting, she never once stoops to the racist slurs so common on the right.

Most Geektastic Science Moment:

We fucking landed on Mars! Dude MARS!

Human beings made a thing that is now touching fucking Mars! That’s a hell of accomplishment and they did it for the sake of knowledge and the growth of humanity. That alone, is something to be proud of.

Best Geektastic Entertainment Moment:

Seeing the backside of the Ponds. Sorry Whovians, Amelia suffered in my eyes from being Not Donna and frankly, while I found the story between Rory and Amy to be heartfelt, I got rapidly tired of River. I am enjoying Oswin a great deal more than I ever did Amy.

Geektastic Hidden Gem:

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen, you’ll want to watch this. It’s hilarious!

Winner Of The Year:


Nate Silver wins mathing forever and Republican fantasy wins nothing.

Loser Of The Year:

Racist with folks in the form of Republican Pundits.

There are more, but frankly, my rum is calling me. So, onward to the future.

Thing That Will Not Change In 2013:

White folks in the form of Republican pundits and certain others will remain racist.

Other Thing That Will Not Change In 2013:

Everything will remain sexist to some extent or another because that’s how society works right now.

Third Thing That Will Not Change In 2013:

Florida will continue trying to revive Jim Crow.

Final Thing That Will Not Change In 2013:

I’ll keep writing about all these things that will not change and more. Fuck, that’s kind of a resolution, isn’t it? Ah well, see you next year!

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  1. January 2, 2013 5:52 PM

    I hadn’t seen the Nate Silver clip before. I have to say that I enjoyed READING it: I don’t know when I’ve seen a more botched job of captioning!

    “That math doesn’t add up to a priest.”

    “They didn’t have a jazz in Ohio..”

    “Pero parents opted create ends up at about left behind”

    Aside from the snickers, it’s a great video, and it is *so* much fun remembering how wrong the Republicans were.

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