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When Liberals Make Me Face Palm

January 10, 2013

So Alex Jones, who went on TV last night and had a Karl Rove on election night level meltdown, is the driving force behind the White House petition to deport Piers Morgan.

I pause here so that you can chuckle at the idiocy of such a petition.

There’s also one going right now in the hopes of trying Senator Dianne Feinstein for treason because she wants to legislate minor controls on firearms. Again, I pause for you to chuckle.

Oh, don’t forget the petition to have the government legally recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group.

Why are you not chuckling? No really, you should be chuckling.

We mock when the right falls for obviously scammy or irrational calls to sometimes literal arms against a person or group. OK, that might have been just me, but I assume you were laughing too and I just couldn’t see you. We should mock, because a not small portion of the time their justification is so divorced from logic and reality that mockery is really the only sane response. What would be great for me, is if we could avoid doing the exact same damn thing.

All of the White House petitions are silly to some extent or the other, no matter how serious the subject. They don’t carry any weight of law. They’re kind of just a way for the administration to observe what people seem to care about at any given moment. That’s not bad. It just doesn’t matter that much. Topics trending on Twitter function essentially the same way.

But the anti-WBC petition isn’t just silly. It is also ridiculously hypocritical of the modern American left and frankly, we should all be ashamed of ourselves for supporting it. Support for that petition is the kind of uninformed, irrational, lynch mob mentality that we rightly point to as evidence of the deterioration of American conservatism.

Look, I know that there’s nothing about these people that isn’t reprehensible. I think we can all agree on that. There’s really no defense for this behavior.


The thing is, they don’t have to defend their behavior. They’ve already done so successfully, multiple times. They may be horrible but they’re still citizens and they still have rights. Their First Amendment rights protect them from government interference in their speech and protests as long as they follow the law and they’ve done so. They went all the way to the Supreme Court, just to make sure.

While the First Amendment question really should have stopped otherwise rational people from signing on to this ridiculousness, it clearly hasn’t so let’s look at two more reasons why this needs to stop.

First, there is no such legal designation as “official hate group” in the United States. The government doesn’t make lists of hate groups. That falls under the purview of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. Thus, if the government were going to legally recognize the WBC as a hate group, they would have to create the mechanism wherein they start singling out particular groups whose behavior they don’t like and make special laws and specific designations just for those groups.

Hey guess what? We shouldn’t hand the government that ability! Not ever. Never, ever! The very idea of that is horrifying and if you don’t find it horrifying you’re wrong.

This is the cost of free speech people. The Phleps’ and their signs and their hate? The fact that they are allowed to do what they do means that those of us here in Internetlandia, as well as in real life, get to keep doing what we do. We cannot be the people who cry out against terrorist watch lists and the FBI’s attempts to tamper with the Occupy movement and proclaim ourselves generally anti-bad guy lists, out of one side of our mouths while simultaneously demanding that the government start expanding their powers in order to form more of those exact kinds of list, out of the other. It makes us look like hypocritical morons.  I don’t want to be on Team Hypocritical Moron, that’s why I’m a liberal.

Step away from the crazy on this one. You’re embarrassing me.

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  1. January 10, 2013 1:39 AM

    Hear, hear!

  2. January 11, 2013 2:21 PM

    God, as much as I hate them, I agree with you. I think the WBC will lose a lot of their steam if the media will stop taking their pictures and reporting about them. They need to be ignored like a four year old having a tantrum because he can’t have candy bars for dinner.


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