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Dear Republican Friends,

January 25, 2013

We had an interesting conversation yesterday in the comments, as well as on Twitter about labels. A number of Republicans made clear that in their opinion, “labeling is labeling” and that the correct way to approach things is to call for “bipartisan action,” rather than point out that Republicans, in general, have a serious problem.

You know what? It’s time for you to make a damn decision.


Republican lawmakers are attacking reproductive rights in an attempt to make abortion impossible to obtain and thus kill women.

Republican lawmakers in New Mexico, this morning put forward a bill that would make it illegal for a woman who had survived a rape to terminate her pregnancy at all on the grounds that it would be “tampering with evidence.”

Republican lawmakers are proud enough to brag about the fact that their message is not appealing enough to the majority of voters to obtain the majority of votes, they did manage to gerrymander various districts do that it doesn’t matter.

They’re continuing that process in what is clearly an attempt to manufacture a permanent Republican majority, regardless on the will of the voters.

Oh and voting rights are under attack by, guess who. Republican lawmakers.

There have been 1221 gun related deaths since Newtown and the primary concern of Republican lawmakers is still protecting guns.

In January, 2009, while the president was celebrating his inauguration, Republican lawmakers got together to plan their strategy for the next four years. What was their priority? Jobs? Fixing the economy they helped destroy? National and international safety? No. Making sure President Obama was only able to serve one term.

And now, they are claiming that it is the president who is “out to destroy them.

Before I go on I’d like you to read on of my previous  posts.

No one is out to get Republicans except, perhaps, Republican lawmakers who pretty clearly have no fucks to give as afar as what most voters, event heir own voters, want. But that is the position that they are espousing and it’s the one they are going to stick to, come hell or high water.

You’ve got some choices to make and some things you need to look at about yourselves. The leaders you keep electing are pretty horrible and they represent you because you want them to. So maybe, if you want to avoid those people being thought of as representative of all of you, you should stop electing them to represent all of you.

shooting yourself in the foot


Just a thought.

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  1. January 25, 2013 7:48 AM

    You are absolutely right.
    What Republican lawmakers are doing is choosing battles that appeal to rural, white, Christian men and women. If they scare them to death with threats that their guns and religious “values” are under fire, those people will continue to vote for them. Republicans have no desire to fix anything that’s really wrong with our country; if they did, we wouldn’t be shaking our heads over statements like “legitimate rape” and the like. They’re all scared to death and it’s all they have left.

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