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Blerd Chick Stories: I Have Nerd Shame

January 30, 2013

There are some movies and TV shows that are just sad. No, not because they wring every possible emotion out of you while laughing all the way to the bank (Moffat, I’m looking at you) neither because they are really awful. Nope, some shows are sad because they have so much potential and yet they still manage to be just about awful.

Hello Lost Girl.

Lost Girl


This show is so bad. Really bad. Exceptionally bad and it’s not for lack of trying to be good. It’s got a fair premise; all the mythical creatures you’ve ever heard of are real. They are “Fae” and all fae have super powers of some sort. Our main character is a fae, specifically a succubus, who grew up in human society. Thus she is all ignorant of fae society and laws.  They meet up with some other fae, decide not to choose to be “Light” or “Dark” but remain unaligned. Neat, OK, so she can interact with all of the kinds of fae and her human buddy can act as exposition magnet.and amazing actors, both in an eye candy way (as you can see) and in an acting skill way. We’ve got our mysterious older male to lead the young hero on her way, she’s got a sidekick, she’s got a love interest in a werewolf and another lover interest in the form of a human doctor who works for the Light Fae leader.

And they can’t make it work. And I can’t stop watching it.

They start interesting plot lines. Kenzi, the human friend, spends a bit of time making it clear that her succubus buddy is maybe not the best friend ever. And then they don’t do much about it. Dyson, the werewolf love interest, gets emotionally beaten like a red-headed-stepchild,  and there are generally no lasting consequences. The question of morality is generally given a head fake, at best, and then dropped in favor of the sexings. Hoo boy, there are a lot of sexings. No that I’m complaining. Remember before when I mentioned the eye candy? Scroll up. I’ll wait. Do I need to explain? Apparently, Canadian rules about what can be shown on television are somewhat less prudish than those in the US.

There’s a hell of a lot of Black and Grey Moralitygoing on in this show. Hey, we take bodies and feed them to other fae. Hey we have sexing power and can force you want to fuck me and I’ll use that whenever I want to. Hey human friend, I’ll use you for emotional support as often as I want but I’m not really going to offer you any in return. Oh hey, father figure from whom I’ve gotten all of my information, you’ve been lying to me for, pretty much, ever. Oh well.

This show is troperific and just keeps piling them on. There’s a love triangle about which the show has not yet made me care. There’s a secret keeping old powerful dude and I don’t care about his stupid secrets. There’s the sorta loss of the black best friend to the hierarchy, which would be sad if he had been developed enough to matter. They put the characters in danger on the regular  and there is never a moment of “OMG! You might kill someone! You bastards!” Never. Never, ever.

It’s driving me nuts! I so want this show to be good and it just keeps sucking!

But I can’t stop watching it. It’s like a drug. I don’t know what’s wrong. I think I might need an intervention. Somebody stop me!



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  1. January 31, 2013 1:29 AM

    I am SO with you on this. I DVR it and think that maybe I won’t watch it again… Then I sit down on that couch and it’s one of the first things I turn on. Damn you, Syfy!

  2. ann permalink
    January 31, 2013 8:19 PM

    Welcome to my affair with American Horror Story. I’m so ashamed.

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