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The New “Pro-Life” Talking Point And Why That Movement Is Losing

February 3, 2013

The Walk For Life happened last week in Washington, D.C. and today there was apparently some conference or meeting in my town, because when A- and I were walking around I heard some people talking about this new talking point which they thought was super, super effective, for real you guys, this is going to change everything.


There you have it. That’s their magical talking point. They appear to have suddenly discovered that some women who decided to have abortions, later regret the decision they made.

I have two words for these people; echo chamber. I’m not sure why this is news to them, but it appears to be so. A-, why grew up in this movement says that she’s been hearing it for decades. I’m also not sure why the executive functions of this particular group, or at least the portion of it that I overheard today and that which participated in the march, are functioning at such a low level that they think this is a statement that matters.

I mean, it is unfortunate that some women regret their abortions. I regret marrying a man. I regret certain friendships. I regret most of my wardrobe during the late 1980s. I regret many of the informed, responsible decisions I’ve made in my life. Trust.

But I don’t think that other people should have their ability to marry, make friends or even tragic fashion choices eliminated because I regret some of my own.

Seriously, that does not make any kind of sense! But then, the anti-choice movement has left sensible well behind.

I’ve talked before about why they are wrong but this is the first time it has been so clear to me how they are wrong. They’re listening to themselves. They’re listening only to themselves and of course they all think their position is totally right and logical.

The right and logical response to the statement

I regret my abortion

is pretty obviously either

That is unfortunate. I am sorry for your pain but your pain should not dictate the decisions of other women.

if you’re trying to be nice or

So what? Don’t have another abortion.

if you’re me.

The underlying misogyny in this argument is galling to me. Some women regret their abortions so, in order to prevent any woman from possible emotional pain, no women should have access to a safe, legal procedure?

See the fundamental irrationality of the position?

If this is the best they can do, we’ve got nothing to worry about.


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