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Today Has Been A Good Day To Be A Blogger

February 9, 2013

And a not bad day to be a bitch. It’s was like troll schadenfreude Christmas!

The GOP is getting into slap fights with the Tea Party and my fellow feminists spent the day trolling the shit out “male activist’s,” #INeedMasculinismBecause hastag on Twitter.

The Tea Party/GOP conflict started with Karl Rove. OK, actually it started with crushing losses on election night and Republican’s inability to examine why they lost. So instead of fixing their problems, they’re just going to try and re-brand again.

Rove’s stated goal is to fight the crazy in his party and put less crazy, more moderate Republican candidates in a position wherein they can actually win some primaries and this eventually reach a general election. This is actually a good plan. That, of course, means that the Far right hates it and sees it as an attack.

What it actually is, is rove shifting blame for his total failure at winning races last year to the candidates he was supporting. To be fair, he’s not totally wrong. It doesn’t matter how much money your throw at the “legitimate rape,” and “I am not a witch,” candidates. Int he age of the internet, nothing will make them anything other than the “legitimate rape,” and “I am not a witch candidates.”

But the far right wants to make extra super double plus, plus sure that they remain true to their conservative values. According to them the right is not the problem. “The Democrats and Barack Obama are the problem.” Sure guys, good luck with that.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of early November 2012:

Thank You Crazy!

We’re more than happy to do that again, you know, while y’all are busy staying true to your values and stuff.

But you know what? Go on with your bad selves. Seriously, go on with it. Personally, I think the left is more than happy to allow you guys to keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s only benefiting us. You’re both legitimizing Karl rove, which is never a bad thing and you’re doing it by continuing to push the insane people front and center as the representatives of your party.

You do realize you’re supposed to be working toward your success, not ours, right?

As for the Twitter thing?

I’m not sure what the hell people were thinking. Someone or some group thought it would be a great idea for them to build a hashtag trend called #INeedMasculinismBecause. Feminism is scarey, when you’re one of those “Nice Guy,” men’s rights, victim claiming dudes.

My dearest, darlingest, feminist Twitter peeps responded to this trending hashtag with exactly the amount of respect and concern it deserved. Oh yeah, they trolled the shit out of it! And the response from the creators of the hashtag reacted with pretty much the amount of maturity you’re probably expecting. Oh, my gods the flailing and the whining. It was fucking epic!

The best thing about this to me was the two issues most commonly mentioned. First, bubbling, stupid sitcom dads and the rape of men in prison.

First of all, why are these two issues anywhere near each other on a list of problems? While bubbling sitcom dads are someone what more common in the every day lives of the whiners that made up this hashtag, male on male prison rape, they are just annoying whereas rape is, you know a major crime with possible life altering long term mental, emotional and physical consequences. but for serious, those were the two things most commonly mentioned and often in the same tweet. I can’t even fathom it.

So that was my day of cheering on various types of trolls and possibly participating in the Twitter stuff because it was just too easy and deeply hilarious watching all those dudes cry about how mean we were being to them by, you know, presenting facts and stuff.

How was yours?

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  1. Kelly permalink
    February 9, 2013 5:12 PM

    This is awesome. I’m not on twitter so it was cool to be able to follow the link and see this. Go feminists!! People made some truly excellent points and it’s hard to even find the real start of the hashtag now, which I love.

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