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I Got To Listen To Conservatives In The Wild, Today

February 17, 2013

I don’t have health insurance. As such, when I get sick enough to need a doctor, it’s urgent care for me.

Yeah it sucks, but there’s a trick to it. Go early, like super early, before they open. Be the first person at the door and avoid the crowds.

Because I’m feeling crappy, I didn’t get up as early as I was planning and thus didn’t manage to avoid said crowds.

As such, I had the super fun time of interacting with other people in the waiting room.

Does everyone recall the fact that I live in a very red area of Florida? It’s very, very, very red. Super conservative.

And when you’re in a medical type place, what’s going to come up? Insurance or lack there of which, of course led to a discussion of Obamacare.

I’m not going to detail what they said. You’ve heard it before. Blah, blah unconstitutional, blah, blah defund.

But they didn’t stop. It went from Obamacare to taxes to every other thing culminating in “Obama keeps giving people gifts.” The two guys who were talking couldn’t see me. I was obscured by the soda machine and I was the only non-Caucasian in the waiting room.

Here’s the sentence that got me to interrupt them.

“Well, you what what kind of people get those gifts.”

“Oh yeah I know what kind. Saggy pants and baby mammas Ha ha. ”

At which point, because I was frankly not able to keep myself silent any longer I leaned forward and asked them.

“What kind of people are those exactly?”

And we just stared at each other. Because we all knew exactly what kind of people they were talking about.

Here’s the thing that pissed me off. That wasn’t the first grossly intolerant thing they’d said throughout the conversation but I was the only person who said anything.

I was one of ten people in the room but I was the only person who spoke up.

had I not spoken, it would have gotten worse.

So here’s my question.


This is one of those moments that slap People of Color in the face every day. The most hurtful thing about that moment was the ignorant fucks who were talking. It was the people who were sitting there listening to them silently while those two men maligned me and ever other person of color they felt like it.

That’s what lives are like.

Sometimes it sucks.


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  1. NightRythm permalink
    February 19, 2013 1:44 PM

    Here, have some excuses on behalf of a Latina who passes, ultimately they boil down to one thing – fear.

    1) I’m always afraid that if I say something, that they’re going to get up in my face and yell at me. I don’t do confrontation well.

    2) I’m afraid they’re going to tell me to mind my own business because they weren’t talking to me.

    3) I’m afraid they’re going to start the verbal version of racism bingo, which always leaves me frustrated and without responses. I have no good come-backs.

    It sucks to have to deal with this from strangers. For me, it’s personally harder even with people I know. Unless someone is being blatant and throwing around slurs, I often keep my head down.

    I’m sorry you deal with this. I’m sorry I deal with this. I am trying to get better. As I get older, I give less of a shit about backlash. Because things have improved over time, I nurse the hope that someday our kids won’t have to deal with racism.

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