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I Cheat On My Knitting Projects

February 18, 2013



I mean, I knit them all and stuff, but I can’t be monogamous with projects. I’m still working on my Eiffel Tower Shawl but I’m also about to cast on for my DNA gloves and possibly later on a set of Fightin’ Words.

I am not able to knit one thing at a time. This is one of my knitting quirks. I have several.

I am, for some reason, obligated to cast on every project three times. I will screw up the first two times I try to knit anything, even just garter stitch. I have no idea why this is and I haven’t been able to break myself of it. After the third time, assuming it isn’t a freakishly difficult technique, I’m good to go and can knit on happily.

I further tend to buy yarn colors in sets. For a while I was on a red kick. Now I’m very much into blue and turquoises. Again, I have no idea why that is. I am freaksome in the fashion.

The real reason I’m thinking about knitting tonight is because of the Knit Picks drama. What Knit Picks drama?

It appears that Knit Picks had a cyber security breach in late December to early January and they neglected to mention it. Yes OK, they sent letters but apparently they either didn’t realize the number of people whose accounts were compromised or they neglected to send letters to all the people who were actually effected.

People are, very naturally, pissed off.

No one is angry about the breach. That happens. It happened to me on another site. It happens a lot. It’s just one of the hazards of the internet age.

What people are pissed about is the fact that they weren’t notified. The problem is, most sites don’t notify of security breaches. Raverly did but they are, as in many things, an anomalous example that other sites should follow. When they had a breach they just told everyone and had us change all of our information.

Knit Picks kept quiet until they were forced by the overwhelming negative response to speak out.

Here’s the thing, the overwhelming negative response is bullshit. Knit Picks acted like most websites act in this situation.

I’m a little amused at the number of people who are bitching about this. I  get that people are pissed if their financial information was compromised. I was pissed when it happened to me. But when that happened to me, I wasn’t notified.

Notification is not generally how websites work.They didn’t do anything wrong but even people who have not had their card information are acting mortally offended and vowing never to shop there again. I’m comfortable with that, more yarn for me.



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