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Conversations With The Cat

February 28, 2013
This is Harley giving me hate face because I'm not playing with her.

This is Harley giving me hate face because I’m not playing with her.


“Mrow! You are eating a thing! I want some!”

“No Harley.”


“NO Harley.”

“Mrrrrr! Grumble.”

“Still no, cat.”


I’m not entirely sure how the cat manages to grumble at top volume but she totally does it.

“Yoooooowl! Give me your foods!”

“No! This is full of onions and peppers. Those are not good for cats. Also, I deal with your cat food, fish breath. I’m not dealing with Worcestershire Source and onion breath”

“Meep. Give.”

Nope. Obligate carnivore, cat. Look it up.”

Yes I did tell my cat to look something up today. I did that.

f you’ve been reading the Harley chronicles, you are aware that she is a stray who wandered into our lives. It’s obvious, based on her reaction to commands, recognition of the spray bottle as a deterrent and keen interest in human food that she lived at another house before she found us. I’m feeling very disgruntled in regards to the people who had her before us. I mean yes, in large part because they abandoned our kitty, but mostly because they clearly did not teach her that people food and cat food are different.

I should not have to guard my dinner so zealously.




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  1. NightRythm permalink
    March 5, 2013 12:57 PM

    My cat D’Artagnan, was sneak-thief as a kitten. I got him when he was still pretty small. One day, I’m sitting on the floor eating a sandwich and watching TV, like you do. He climbs into my lap, with the head-butting and give-pets demands. I start to skritch him idilly with my empty hand and suddenly he’s shooting across the room. I look down and there’s a perfect, cat-sized bite missing from my sandwich. I’ve had to guard my food since then, and have mostly gotten it through his thick skull that human food is not his.

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