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Daily Prompt: Freedom of Facebook or Facebook Hates Me

May 29, 2013

It probably hates you too if you are part of the majority of the population that is female.

OK, fine. To be fair if I must, they probably don’t hate us so much as explicitly by policy categorize the female body, specifically or secondary sexual characteristics as “offensive.” Here’s a great example. The shortish version is this: a cancer survivor commissioned some pictures of her survivor self which included among them some shots of her mastectomy scar. Not side boob, not the underside curve, not nipple because she doesn’t have any of those things in that spot anymore, just half of her bare chest and the scar. See?


This photo was banned as obscene.

So was this one.

So was this one.

At the same time photos of rape and abuse of women? Those are simply considered poor taste and they are allowed to remain.

#FBRape Buzz2

This photo? Totally fine.

#FBRape Buzz1

Also this one.


And this, which is pretty much just a pro-rape/rape apologist page.

See the little thank you at the bottom of the banner for the last photo? That’s the admins of the page thanking the FB moderators for defending their right to rape apologia.

So, just to be clear; cancer survivors and nursing mothers are obscene but rape and abuse is just a little racy? Yeah, that’s not disgusting at all.

Now, of course, there are a number of people who have thrown themselves to the ground and begun yowling about their rights and freedom of speech, or “Freedom of Facebook” (Newsflash: there is no freedom of speech on the internet.) and censorship. Oh my!

And you know what? I can see their point a little bit. Not the freedom of speech part because no, but the rest of it? Alright, I guess, in a way. I’m less than enamored of  most forms of editing for content.

To be honest I like it when people and groups like the ones above are public. It makes it easy for me to decide to back away from people who participate and support them. So, while I think the subject matter is vile, I’m really OK if they keep existing if and only if they back the fuck off their policy about breasts in general.

Because seriously, that’s the problem. By explicit policy, Facebook defines breasts but not rape as obscene. Women are disgusting but the abuse of women is simply a bit over the line. Natural aspects of a woman’s life; including birth, disease, and recovery are so offensive to the community that they must be banned but unnatural attacks on and abuse of women is simply a joke.

Basically, as far as Facebook corporate policy is concerned, women’s bodies are obscene unless they are being abused by males. Then it’s just funny.

As I’ve been typing this Facebook promised to take action but…um…how can I say this? I think they’re full of shit. this isn’t a problem with an algorithm. It clearly a problem with the entire corporate atmosphere and policy structure and the way they view women.

That’s a problem that can’t be solved by a couple of sensitivity classes.

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