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Little Girls Who Look Like Me

June 1, 2013

When I was a kid there were none. For the most part, all the little girls where Caucasians. They lived in Caucasian culture with their Caucasian families and had Caucasian adventures. Once a season or so they would have a “very special episode,” and then maybe, just maybe there would be a Negro. Not that the new;y introduced character would last beyond that episode. Nope. We would all learn or lesson and then they would disappear, having served their purpose.

The same was true of commercials. All children were Caucasian, unless they were in a McDonald’s commercial with a soul or rap soundtrack. So when I saw this I was kind of thrilled.


Not, so much for me but for other children of mixed race who maybe get to grow up in a world that sees them and acknowledges they exist. It’s rare enough for me to have noted it, just like I not it in print ads and in TV shows like Heroes. I especially notice it when the mother shown is white and the father is black because that is what I grew up with and it is also the big boogeyman of the racist right. You know, the specter of the lurking black man seeking to victimize innocent White womanhood. So yeah, I noticed, and for a moment I was proud.

Silly me.

Because, of course, racist America freaked right the hell out to the point where Cheerios had to disable the YouTube comment ability. Apparently some shining examples of  White America feel that death threats against children and their fictional parents are the proper response. Keep in mind, what we’re talking about here, is a cereal commercial.

I find it so very sad and not even a little bit surprising. I know that a lot of other people are surprised by the backlash, but I’m not. This is just the world. Racist fuckwits who hate me because I exist and am evidence of the “mogrelization of the races.” Please note the quotation marks which indicate that I am fucking quoting someone.

I’ve written before about what it’s like to be not white in America. This racist reaction is one of those coals that flares up a little brighter. But the thing is, it’s not even really a strong distraction what with the constant pain and all.

The thing is, all that burning pain? It’s also a point of pride. Because seriously, the howling we’ve been hearing in response to a fucking toddler is pure terror. And you know what? When a toddler can force the other team to piss themselves in fear, you’ve already won.


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  1. June 2, 2013 8:43 AM

    any time people try to say that racism doesn’t exist or isn’t significant in the U.S. any more, just point them to this. disgusting.

  2. NightRythm permalink
    June 10, 2013 4:56 PM

    The one “comfort” (I think that’s not quite the word) I get from the kind of reactions this drew, is I have something to point at when people try to tell me racism isn’t an issue anymore.

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