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@Jezebel And Their Latest Massive Embarassment

June 18, 2013


Not satisfied with being the only major website that still employes an obvious clinical narcissist and serial abuser, today they decided to come at xoJane and call them liars. That would be great except for three things, xoJane staff didn’t write the article in question, everything in the article appears to be factually true and JEZEBEL FUCKING STEPPED TO A RAPE VICTIM!

So let’s clarify. instead of cleaning their own house of  blatantly anti-feminist behaviors, they decided to step to a smaller site that is doing the job Jezebel claims to do, only better and, you know, with integrity.

Here’s the thing though, in swinging wildly at a superior website with actual feminist credibility, they actually managed to belittle a rape victim and explicitly call her story into question on the basis of some semantics. The story in question was I WAS RAPED AT DISNEY WORLD AND NOBODY CARED.

Guess what?

The survivor who wrote the story did work at Disney World, she was at Disney owned housing, she was raped (which is the important thing), and Disney Co. re-victimized her by giving no shits about what happened.

Oh and Jezebel victimized her again by calling any part of her story into question because they got up in arms over a headline that is, from all reports, technically accurate. I get how someone could be misled into thinking that the rape had happened in the park proper but a little bit of reading, like three or four paragraphs in, makes the facts clear. So, no one who actually read the article was confused.

As one commenter pointed out, making a huge deal over the fact that “the housing most certainly is not in the theme park,” is functionally akin to giving a woman who was raped at Big Name University owned just off campus housing shit for saying that she was raped at Big Name University.

My analogy was that it was not significantly different from calling the Talihook Incident survivors liars because the assaults didn’t happen during actual Tailhook Conference meetings.

In other words, what in the name of everything logical and moral on earth, was Jezebel thinking?

Since Jezebel has such amazingly accurate and factual headline writers; a quick perusal of their current front page shows, several headlines that can only be accurately described as sensationalist bullshit, compared to the articles and the actual quotes contained therein, they are allowed to criticize? Or, possibly it’s just hyperbole which is apparently only acceptable if Jezebel is doing it and if it’s another website with actual feminist writers and content then clearly they are lying. More likely they were engaging in exactly what they stepped to xoJane about; using sensationalist headlines as click bait.

One hopes at some point Jezebel will graduate into the realm of adult writers who actually care about and support women, but I’m not holding my breath.

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