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Watching @BillMaher Shove His Foot ALL The Way Down His Throat Is Less Fun Than You Might Think

June 24, 2013

So Bill is talking about race again. The result was predictable. He made a fool of himself by showing his ignorance and total lack of compassion. but he did take time out of his busy schedule of loving the sound of his own voice to school up People of Color on racial slurs and who should be using them and when. So there’s that.

I know that when rich white guys tell me all about how I should feel about racial slurs. it always makes me feel so much more educated. Except not really.

I think we can all agree that the whole Paula Deen thing was problematic, to say the least. She highly praised She admitted to using a racial slur multiple times. According to some current and former employees “a family member consistently referred to a black cook as “my little monkey”; a black male employee who threatened to go to EEOC with complaints of discrimination was told “you don’t have any civil rights here” by Deen’s brother; that whites are routinely paid more and promoted sooner than blacks; that until recently a black women who for years helped Deen create her recipes and taught her to cook was paid less than $10.00 per hour; that Deen preferred white and light skinned blacks to work with customers and relegating darker blacks to back-of-the-house operations; that blacks are reluctant to speak openly about working conditions due to fears of retaliation from Deen.” She also, thinks the using racial slurs is fine as long as you’re joking. because racial slurs are funn y’all! Oh and she appears to think that an event staffed in the style of the antebellum South or at least the Jim Crow era is the best idea ever.

It’s impossible to pretend that these pieces of information, should they all prove true, are excusable. A lot of them are absolutely true and not even in dispute because they came from Deen’s own mouth. that’s important because it makes clear that Bill didn’t actually do any reasearch or read any of the many, many articles or, you know, think before he used words. “This may have been a shakedown,” the host told his roundtable of guests. “People may have been trying to shake her down, that happens all the time,”

Black folks are criminals, y’all!

And then he asks, the stupidest question in life “If you’re 66 years old, and you were raised in Georgia, and you were a child before the civil rights movement, do you get a bit of a pass?”

Umm, no. It really doesn’t because this isn’t the 1960s. It’s the 21st Century and she should know better. Being raised ignorant doesn’t give an adult human and excuse to remain so. Paula Deen gets no pass. She gets consequences.

And then he pulls out the Ignorant Caucasian Trump Card “Black people say it!” Well of course that’s exactly the same thing. When white people use racial slur, with all the tonnage of history, violence, power, and privilege that goes along with their race it’s exactly the same as when PoC , who’ve been the negative recipients of all the violence as well as powerlessness and total lack of privilege. Those things are identical. Just like excoriating the president to “let out his “Angry Black Man,” is exactly the same as Obama’s Anger Translator because they both contain some variation of the word anger or something.

Oh wait, not they are not. Also, shut up, Bill. Because seriously, every single time you pretend to know anything about racism you just prove to be the worst kind of liberal racist.

And finally “It’s just a word, it’s a wrong word, she’s wrong to use it. But do we always have to make people go away?” Herbert argued that, yeah, you do have to go away if you’re going to throw “the N-word” around. “It’s a free country, she has the right to say that word. It’s not illegal to say that word. But her boss said, ‘you’ve gotta go if you’re gonna use that word.'”

First of all, Bill’s grapes are sour. Second of course she had to “go away”! But Bill is lying when he says she lost her contract because of one word. It wasn’t one word. It was a series of admissions that make it clear that this woman is living in another world wherein things are acceptable to her that are not acceptable to most of the country. She’s suddenly become a huge liability and she’s made it clear that she thinks it’s fine that her brother uses racial slurs and watches porn at work in addition to possible sexual harassment. Of course “he” said she’s got to go! It’s the job of television networks to make money and put forward profitable programming. her boss was doing his job by removing an obstacle to income.

Like I said, she gets consequences. Sometimes the consequence of running a business in a racist, sexist, unprofessional fashion is that you don’t get to keep running that business. Maybe Bill should do a little remedial reading on consequences before he sends himself away…again.




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