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When Liberals Make Me Face Palm: Racism Edition

June 26, 2013

Don't Hate

Those two things aren’t actually the same.

When did liberals decide that it was acceptable to start throwing around racial slurs when they’re angry? Or when they disagree with someone or, you know ever? When did that memo go out because I missed it and I think I would have noticed someone letting us all know that it was suddenly OK to start using the worst, most reprehensible tactics of the opposition.

Uncle Tom Supreme Court1

That guy is a Democrat. His isn’t even the worst, it’s just the only one I can find an image of right now.

it seems some people are confused so let me clear this up for you. His name is Mr. Justice Thomas, or The Honorable Justice or fucking sir.

Uncle Tom is a racial slur. It’s completely unacceptable in any rational discourse and even more so coming from people who claim to be on the side of equality and respect.

Two pages, The Pragmatic Progressive Page and Too Informed To Vote Republican both posted status updates that used Uncle Tom, specifically to refer to Justice Thomas. I protested to both pages and the results were instructive.

Too Informed To Vote Republican ignored my protest and left the comment up with not changes. In so doing they gave tacit permission to all of the people who subsequently commented to use the same slur and oh boy did they!

The Pragmatic Progressive Page had the slur removed before I was able to go back and check if there had been a response.

One of these websites maintains their progressive credentials by living up to progressive values.

The other one? Not so much.

There’s no excuse for this. I don’t care how angry the decisions made recently make people. I don’t care how justified they think they are. The proper way to express those feelings is something along the lines of “I disagree with the Court’s decision.”


It isn’t and anyone who thinks it is should find another team to play on. The rest of us have some real work to do and you are not helping.

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