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Blerd Chick Sotries: Today Was Not A Great Day To Be Female In Nerdville

September 6, 2013

The people behind Penny Arcade talked out loud in public.

This is never a good thing.

I would go over it point by point but other bloggers have already done the heavy lifting for me.

Go read, Elizabeth Sampat’s Quit Fucking Going To PAX Already, What Is Wrong With You or Aja Romano’s Is Krahulik’s ‘Dickwolves’ apology too little, too late for Penny Arcade fans? or Rachel Edidin’s Why I’m Never Going Back to Penny Arcade Expo.

The most important information that you should take from those two blogs is this; Penny Arcade has a long history of extremely sexist/ rape apologist behavior. Maybe it’s a good idea for people of conscience to not give them money or go to their con.

Aside from that, the writers of Batwoman are leaving because DC, the comic company that I love above all others, is refusing to allow Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer to get married. Why? DC isn’t saying but I would bet that it’s because dating lesbians are sexier and more interesting that staid married lesbians.

Alright, there’s something to be said for keeping the will they/won’t they dynamic going in any relationship, gay or straight but here’s the thing; off the top of my head I can think of three different Flashes, a couple three versions of Superman and at least one Green Lantern who are all married.

So why don’t Kate and Maggie get a wedding? I mean, holding it off for a while, teasing the big eventmake-up-break-up drama? All of the would be trite, but it would still lead to an awesome wedding.

DC just said no.

Get it together over there Detective Comics.

DO NOT force us to come at you with the whole emotional spectrum.



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  1. stuffondemand permalink
    September 6, 2013 12:48 PM

    Also the writer/director of the award winning and wide selling Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, today released official art of a major female character from the upcoming MGS5 with an announcement stating that she was redesigned to be sexier so more of her action figures would sell.

    I repeat: a character was redesigned, placed in what is basically only underwear, solely and specifically for marketing purposes. This is in no way a sarcastic/ironic commentary on the direction the video game industry is headed at large, as some were hoping.

    Video games are becoming more openly antagonistic toward women, transsexuals, and other less privileged groups, both in character depiction and how its employees are treated.

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