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Rachel Dolezal is Just a Racist

June 16, 2015

This most basic forms of racism are the claiming and directing of black bodies and the co-opting of black stories to serve the narrative of White Supremacy. She did all of that.

She’s not transracial.

She’s not black because she says she is.

While she may be troubled, that doesn’t change the fact that she is just racist. And despite her methods she is racist in the same tired, basic, entitled way that so many other white people are in this day and age.

In 2002 she so strongly identified as white she sued Howard University, because the faculty and the art department and, I don’t know, the entire world, did not give her what she wanted, in the way she wanted, and when she wanted. Her reasoning was that she was clearly the best candidate for anything she wanted, so the reason she wasn’t getting it had to be because of her race, which was white.

It couldn’t have been that her work is, at best, derivative and likely plagiarized. It’s couldn’t have been that she was not the best choice for jobs and positions. It had to be her race, which was white.

What does that sound like? Oh, an entitled white person lamenting the fact that they aren’t being given their privilege.

But now she’s Black because she says she’s Black and she got some bad hair?

How about no?

But it’s not just hair and bronzer, the co-opting our bodies, it is the story she told…fabricated.

It’s her Lifetime movie understanding of Blackness; full of hate crimes, death threats and a generally white understanding of what it means to be Black in America. She was not living as a Black woman. She was living more truth than we’ve all be able to admit before now; a life as a white woman in a caricature of Blackness.

We also call that blackface.

And she’s still wearing it, continuing to insist that she is, in fact black, questioning her parents actual biological connection to her, claiming that her connection to Black people as “the mother of two black sons,” gives her genuine Blackness.

Still no.

My mother raised two Black children too. You know what that makes her? A white lady who raised black kids.

Rachel Dolezal has not and will not apologize for the pain she has caused. Our pain doesn’t matter to her so why should she apologize. Like all white racists, Dolezal cares only about her own feelings. Like all white racists, she doesn’t want to hear our voices. She simply wants to reframe the narrative to her design.

While challenging the construct of race is at the core of evolving human consciousness, we can NOT afford to lose sight of…

…This other thing that I want you to pay attention to rather than the blackface I am wearing as I write this.

The things she goes on to list are important but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s using them in an attempt to derail questions about her behavior. She’s no different than MRAs who use the real issues of prison rape and male suicide rates to try to derail feminist discussion.

Recall the points I made at the beginning?

  1. The claiming of Black bodies.
  2. The directing of Black bodies.
  3. The co-opting of Black stories into the narrative of White Supremacy.

See what she did there?

  1. Her skin and hair.
  2. Her children and Black siblings who were silenced until her parents stepped forward.
  3. Her resignation letter, which makes it clear that she still thinks every single thing she did was fine and demands that we look at her and her actions in one light only.

She’s just another racist, entitled white woman crying her tears now that she’s been called on her behavior.

Can we be done now? There is work to do.

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