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@SenSanders, @HillaryClinton Where Are You? #NotanALLY #ThisIsWhiteSupremacy #EarnThisDamnVoteOrLose

August 13, 2015



Tyrone Harris Jr. was shot in Ferguson, MO over the weekend. He was a friend of Mike Brown who, as you may remember, was lynched by the police one year to the day that Tyrone was shot by the same police force.

Senator Sanders, where are you? Secretary Clinton? Feel free to jump in on this any time.

Maybe his isn’t a good enough victim? I mean the police say he had a gun. They even offered video. But if I remember correctly, and I do, that same police department offered a video excuse for they lynching of Mike Brown too. Despite the fact that the video didn’t have anything to do with the lynching, the police released it as if it were relevant.

Does this situation seem something other than similar to you?

You could speak out about this. But you are silent.

Secretary Clinton? Is this thing on? Senator Sanders, where are you?

Dr. Cornel West, Deray McKesson, Johnetta Elzie and a host of others (look them up. Do the tiniest bit of work) were arrested over the weekend for peacefully protesting the police department that funds itself via racism and which lynched Mike Brown. Meanwhile, white people armed with assault rifles are occupying Ferguson and that seems perfectly fine with everyone wearing a badge.  .


Oathkeepers in Feguson

Either of you have an opinion on the blatant disparity?

As I sit here typing another person has been shot by police, this time in Oakland. He was the second to be shot in the city in nine days. (9Pm CDT, so if you have both suddenly jumped up and done any of these things just ignore me. Oh wait you’ve been ingoring all of us this whole time haven’t you?}

Anything? Anything at all?

You are both still running for president right? I didn’t miss an announcement somewhere that one or both of you have dropped out? Because you two are nowhere and my people are dying. You should both be ashamed.

There have been innumerable opinions in the past two days for either of you to show the most minimal level of leadership skill.You’re running for president, not prom king, where are you? You want to lead this country? You want to be the Leader of the Free World?

Fucking lead.

Step up. Say their names. Say Black Lives Matter. Say it every day.

Secretary Clinton, say it with no qualifiers, no wiggle attempts, no backing out. Tell Black voters our lives matter. And then show us something to back it up.

Bernie, can I call you Bernie? I’m going to. You want my vote? You want to secure the votes of a metric fuckton of Black voters? Go back to the Senate and introduce a comprehensive racial justice bill. I know you understand the impact that introducing a bill has, because you just did it for college age kids and their parents.

Mike Brown was on his way to college. He might have benefited from your bill. We will never know because he’s dead.

Tamir Rice was 12. He might have benefited from your bill. We will never know that either because he too is dead.

Sandra Bland was on her way to a job at a college where she might have influenced the lives of people who benefited from your bill. She is dead too.

They are all dead and you’re just sitting there.

Perhaps you could take a look at O’Mally’s proposal. It’s better than yours.

Once again, we do not need you, either of you The very best you and your supporters can come up with when I point this out is “but a republican would be worse!”

To them and you I ask, what is fucking worse than us dying in the streets? What is worse than us begging for our lives and being told that we need to ask nicely. What is worse than right now?

Get your shit together. Step up and be leaders or watch someone else get sworn in next January and know that your inaction is the reason why.

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