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Things of Which I am Tired: A Rant

October 28, 2012

I am so godawful tired of people and their inability to take responsibility for their actions.

I’m also tired of shitty debaters. Because they make it easier for people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions to hide.

Click this link. Watch the video. Watch all the other videos in this series. ALL OF THEM.

You lefterly leaning people over there? I’m fucking tired of carrying your water.

And you right wingers. Facts are not debatable. Either something is or it is not. You can’t just decide something is untrue because you don’t like it. Neither can you decide that something is true because you want to believe the person. That’s not how reality works!

To quote the great and powerful Rachel Maddow, “Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better, but do not confuse your World Net Daily caliber, therapeutic, conservative alternative reality fantasy babble for what actually happened because stuff really does actually happen, and eventually you really do need to deal with it.”

Get better at debate, people. It’s not hard. It takes a little practice and effort and you too can have a logical conversation about any number of issues big and small.

I am further tired of the internet herd mentality. Person A does something stupid or harmful or rude or inflammatory. Person B reacts in a way that falls anywhere on the scale of negative. Person A claims that they are being attacked, pretends to be the victim, plays the wounded party and in general flaps around clutching their pearls and the herd either stands there like nothing is happening or rushes to the defense of Person A.

STOP DOING THAT RIGHT NOW! Let Person A deal with their own backlash and stop trying to avoid conflicting opinions in the name of “nice.” It’s a transparently false reason. If nice mattered at all, Person A would be reprimanded too.

A lot of these issues, the political and social ones, are important and they require serious people with serious commitment and ideas to talk about them. False desire for nice serves no one.

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  1. October 29, 2012 3:54 PM

    Yeah. I’m trying to get over the “nice” thing. I’ve been biting my tongue (fingers?) over on FB over the whole election thing because I have friends who I value, but whose political views have, um, migrated, recently, to the point where I don’t even know what happened to them. So I try not to rock the boat. Trouble is, the boat needs rocking. I’ve been channelling that energy onto my blog, but I don’t necessarily think that’s enough.

    I’m working on it, though.

  2. November 4, 2012 5:40 PM

    Rockin’ post. And I’m happily rocking the boat in my corner of Facebook.

    I’ve added you to my regular blogfeed … look forward to reading your rants on a regular basis.

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